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The Outerworlds Universe contains many unique worlds for you to explore. Usual Community hangouts such as OW and Imagica, are almost always full of activity. Come in for a chat or just explore the many community and privately owned worlds with themes that are limited only by the imagination!

Wear An Avatar...

In Outerworlds, you wear a 3D avatar that represents you as you maneuver around the many environments to explore. The selection is enormous and you can run, jump, fly, dance, and have a large array of emotions to express yourself with a simple click of a button!


The ability to build in the 3D environment is one of the best features of our software. Imagine building your own home and land with rolling hills and white clouds slowly moving overhead. Almost anything you can imagine can be built so that you and your friends can enjoy it all in realtime!

Become a citizen!
Become a citizen!

Play Games...

While in the Outerworlds Universe, you can enjoy many of the realtime games going on at various times of the day.
Chess, Checkers, Bingo, and Trivia are just a few of the many activities that keep you hopping and the good times going!

Become a DJ...

As a Citizen of the Outerworlds Community, you are given the unique opportunity to become a VRDJ and have your very own LIVE radio show on WVRR Radio!
Expand your horizons and entertain your friends in ways you’ve only dreamed of.
It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Much, Much, More...

The list goes on and on so why not download the software today and see what all the buzz is about!

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